You have the technology, now get the download on designing engaging brand experiences for augmented and virtual reality. Find outwhere digital storytelling for mobile and video is going from the leaders who are one step ahead.

Wednesday April 19, 2017 | 12 – 5 pm

1:10 pm | Storytelling at the Speed of Culture
1:20 pm | The Value of Diverse Voices in Storytelling
1:40 pm | Welcome
1:45 pm | New Technologies Shaping the Future of Storytelling
2:00 pm | Monetizing Early Adopter VR Consumption
2:30 pm | The Rise of Storyteller Bots
2:40 pm | Over-the-Top Content Opportunities for Original Stories
2:55 pm | Who Is the Real King in Storytelling?
3:00 pm | Gaining a Panoramic View on Multi-Platform Storytelling
3:30 pm | Power Break (announcements, networking, deals)
3:40 pm | Redefining Native Advertising: The Future of Storytelling in Publishing
4:00 pm | Storytelling Through Jaw-Droppingly Awesome Video
4:15 pm | Investing the Future of Storytelling: A VC Perspective
4:35 pm | How to Tell A Compelling Story When You Only Have 8 Seconds