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Marketing Strategies and Innovations to Remember in 2019

January 16th, 2019 Posted by General 0 comments on “Marketing Strategies and Innovations to Remember in 2019”

As we draw closer to this year’s digital storytelling salon, we wanted to bring you some great insights from 2018 to inform your 2019 decisions, and show off some sweet finds that have already made waves in 2019. The lesson? Innovating via the data and learnings from last year is the key to creatively crushing it 2019.

A New Take on Influencer Marketing

The Average American Often Can’t Relate to Influencers. This Omaha Agency Wants to Fix That

With the unending onslaught of internet influencers big and small, it’s no wonder they’re a powerful force in the marketing world. Showing off their lives, food, and clothes is a full time job, and it pays to move to the big city for work. Marketers have assumed since the beginning of the influencer craze that the best bet is the internet star in the big city, but one agency has a different approach. Challenging the idea that we all want to see New York or LA, the Everything In-Between Network taps into the ordinary, everyday, and relatable smaller cities and towns to tell stories through influencers audiences can see themselves in.


Twitter and the NBA Team Up in an Unexpected Experiment 


TV executives have been scrambling to find innovative ways to repackage premium content in order to combat the dwindling number of people who pay for traditional television, and this might be a risky, but perhaps exciting, experiment. Twitter, though losing popularity, still has an extremely dedicated following and over 330M daily active users. That number’s nothing to scoff at, so Turner is taking a stab at a new strategy. Engaging fans by having them vote, while still keeping a portion of NBA games only available with traditional TV, Turner may have found a an interesting solution to their decade old quandary.


Positivity Reframes Imgur’s Story

Imgur is taking a new approach to pitching their story to advertisers. Talking less about their demographic and more about what the platform offers its users, they’re using the emotional pull of to create a narrative of positivity. Imgur, proclaiming it’s a “place for positivity”, isn’t actually stretching the truth with that statement. Most users are posting positive content, and it could be a breath of fresh air for advertisers who are sick of battling through crowded platforms, competing with the wit and snark of Wendy’s and Moon Pie, or trying to keep up with the niche cultures like Arby’s. It’s also a chance for brands to find more positive outlets and create a more emotional story for themselves. We’ll have to wait and see what 2019 brings.


2018’s Most Creative Takes on Digital Ads

It’s a new year, which means it’s that time to take a look back at someone 2018’s most creative ad campaigns. From Cannabis to Coca-Cola, these products and companies aimed high and pushed through the noise to come out on top. Whether it was looking at audience data to find that narrative that would ring louder and truer, or create a story that was funny, worthwhile, or so engaging audiences couldn’t stop thinking about it.